Blessed Joseph Vaz Committee

This has been started to promote the Cause of the Canonization of  Bl.Joseph Vaz, the Apostle of  Sri Lanka. It is also meant to revive the missionary spirit of B.Joseph Vaz. His heroic life is indeed an inspiration and challenge to the priests of today. While being a foreigner, he lives the life style of the local people, he was very close and available to the people, was fully committed to his ministry, had a tender devotion to Our Lady. He is indeed a wonderful model for the local clergy.

Function of the Committee

  •  To make Bl.Joseph Vaz better known through literature and Seminars etc.
  •  To revive the missionary spirit of Bl.Joseph Vaz among all the faithful
  • To promote the spirit of charity of Bl.Joseph Vaz to the poor, the needy and     the sick.
  •  To promote the building of a truly local church – incorporating local culture.
  • To promote pilgrimages to the Shrines of B.Joseph Vaz, both at home and    abroad, Goa, Mangalore etc.
  •  To promote prayers for the speedy canonization of Bl.Joseph Vaz
  • To organize Exhibitions on the life and mission of Bl.Joseph Vaz

The faithful in our diocese, more than any other diocese have to manifest their gratitude to Fr.Bl.Joseph Vaz, as he started his mission in the South within our diocese for 2 years before he went to Kandy and his greatest disciple Fr.Giacome is buried in our diocese, in the Bolawatte Church.

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