Former Bishops


His Holiness Pope Pius XII nominated the very Rev. Fr. Edmund Peiris OMI Bishop of Chilaw and was consecrated as the first bishop of Chilaw on the 25th of April 1940. Bishop Peiris governed the diocese till his retirement on 27th Dec. 1972.

  •   Date of Birth           : 27-12-1897 Born at Chilaw.
  •   Parents:  Father- Mihindukulasuriya Manuel Diogu Peiris
  •   Mother- Mihindukulasuriya Clara Peiris
  •   Date of Ordination: 25-02-1924
  •   Day of Nomination: 12-01-1940
  •   Consecrated on    :25-04-1940 by Archbishop J. M. Mason. He was the  first     Sinhalese to be honoured by this office.
  •   Retirement on       :27-2-1972
  •   Death: 04-09-1989 and burial took place at St. Mary’s cathedral, Chilaw

with highest state patronage.


  • Date of Birth       : 19th October 1931
  • Priestly Ordination: 22nd December 1956 (Rome)
  • Elected Auxiliary Bishop to the Cardinal, Archbishop of Colombo – 6th July 1965
  • Consecrated as Bishop: 19th August 1965 at St. Lucia’s Cathedral,Kotahena.
  • Arrived at Chilaw as Co-adjustor Bishop: 6th September 1968.
  • Taking in-charge of the diocese of Chilaw: 27th Dec, 1972.
  • Retired : on 19th October 2006.
  • Death: 24-08-2009 and burial took place at St. Mary’s cathedral, Chilaw with great respect.

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