Legion of Mary

In Pre-Vatican times, the Legion of Mary, was very strongly established in the diocese of Chilaw. Many Praesidia, both Senior and Junior functioned actively in several parishes. But specially with the take over of schools by the State, the Junior

Praesidia which were chiefly based in the Schools ceased to function, with the teachers and Religious Sisters becoming Government servants and loaded with other school activities. The Senior Praesidia depended very much being fed by the Junior Praesidia, when this stopped,  the Senior Peraesidia too declined.

However, efforts have been made again and again to revive this important apostolic group. The results have not been satisfactory.

Work Undertaken:

  1. The members meet weekly, and after the recitation of the Rosary and the special Prayers in the Tessera Card, and Spiritual Reading from the Hand Book, the members asses their work undertaken, and then work is allotted for the following week.
  2. They do family visitation in two’s and see to the spiritual needs of the sick and the aged. v.g. to get the priest for Confession and Communion
  3. They promote the Family Rosary and other devotions to Our Lady
  4. They take an active part of the parish liturgy
  5.  They attend the Annual Retreat for their renewal
  6. They conduct Peregrinatio pro Christo – going to  parishes in remote areas they conduct evangelization programmes, family visitations, helping to receive the Sacraments, getting marriages rectified, and adult baptisms of those who need and the catechetical instruction of different groups etc. Thie programme is conducted by a diocesan team.

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