Our Mission


Following in the footsteps of  Bl.Joseph Vaz, the apostle of Sri Lanka, the greatest missionary Asia has produced and who started his work in the South starting in Puttalam and going to all parts of our diocese, today the diocese carries forward that mission through a coordinated effort of the clergy, Religious and the lay faithful, organized according to the Parish system. In keeping with the recommendations of Vatican Council II, the Diocesan   Pastoral Council, the Parish and Church Councils, while at the grass-roots the Small Christian communities (AsIPA) keep the word of God alive, nourishing the lives of the faithful and forming a community of love and service. Thus the entire diocese forming a “Communion of Communities. The traditionally predominantly catholic areas, who need a deepening and enlightening of their faith are served with  more nourishment of the word of God while those living in the interior are being provided with more opportunities for education and human development through Diocesan Caritas and the Diocesan education and Catechetical services. Both Religious Brothers and Sisters  contribute much in the Catechetical. Educational and Social Apostolates, their role in the running of Diocesan Homes for the Elders, Children’s Homes and other charitable Institutes greatly enhances the Social Apostolate in the diocese  The welfare of the Youth is catered to by an active Youth Apostolate in the diocese. All these help to carry forward the mission of the Church in the diocese.


  1. Under the leadership of the Bishop and the Parish Priests to build active communities of  faith, hope and charity motivated towards mission.
  2. To obtain the participation of the Religious and lay faithful in carrying out this mission
  3. In this multi-religious situation to prepare the lay faithful to be true witnesses while engaging in inter-religious dialogue
  4. To supplement the poor religious education system in most of the schools, through a well organized Daham Pasel system (Parish school of Religious education)
  1. To form good, well equipped Religion Teachers both in State Schools and  Daham Pasel .
  1. To see to the welfare of the families of migrant workers, especially when both parents       migrate leaving the children at home.
  1. To see to the formation of necessary structures in a parish v.g. the Pastoral Council and other lay apostolate groups.
  1. To promote more and good vocations to the priesthood and Religious  life
  2. To strengthen catholic families to be witnesses to the faith and communities of love.
  3. To encourage lay preachers and prayer groups.
  4. To care for Children to grow up as witnesses to true Christian values and  as small missionaries – Holy   Childhood, YCS etc.
  5. To promote communities of priests who support one another in life and work


Formation of  grass-root level groups  like the Small Christian Communities in   every parish

  1. To pay great attention to education in our State Schools and get all injustices rectified and our rights safe-guarded
  2. To get more catholic teachers, Religious Sisters and priests to work in State Schools
  3. To see to the proper preparation of youth for marriage, and their follow-up after marriage;  the breaking up of marriages and divorces among catholics is enormous.
  4. To nourish our faithful with the word of God, so that they may not fall into the hands of Fundamentalists
  5. To make the liturgy more meaningful, attractive, active and spiritually nourishing
  6. To entrust more work to the laity so that the priests may have more time for real priestly ministry, i.e to be more available to the people for their various needs
  7. Youth and children, to be closely guided and their services to promote the kingdom

values, properly harnessed.

  1. In the context of the preponderance of non christian literature, Radio and  T.V.Programmes, anti-christian activities,

every effort be made to safe-guard the faith of our faithful

  • To promote inter-racial and inter-religious dialogue with members of  local communities , and they be  prepared for it
  •  To see to the on-going formation of the Clergy, and studies both local and abroad.
  • To see to the integral development of all the people within the diocese, through the services of Diocesan
  • Caritas  Centre.

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