Our Vision

Mission (1)

Go therefore, make disciples of all nations? (Mt.28:19).  In response to this mandate of  Jesus Christ, the Chilaw diocese, to be committed to make true disciples of Jesus Christ within the diocese of Chilaw. In this task, the Clergy, Religious and lay faithful, under the leadership of the bishop, building up an active participatory Church, with the help of all lay Apostolates. i.e. the Catechetical, liturgical, family services, youth etc. Following the footsteps of Bl.Joseph Vaz, the Apostle of Sri Lanka and Fr.Giacome Gonsalves, the founders of a truly local church, becoming aware of the multi-racial, multi-religious situation of the diocese, the entire Church in the diocese be committed to be true witnesses to the Gospel, while living in peace and harmony with the non-Christian brethren, the traditionally catholic areas along the coastal belt, trying to renew their former fidelity to the faith while those living in the interior, scattered  among non christians be safe-guarded from the danger of drifting away, through a well planned catechesis and  family prayer. Thus forming the entire diocese to be a true witnessing community of faith, hope and charity – a missionary Church.

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