Populer Movements

Catholic Charismatic Movement (Kithu dana Pubuduwa)

One of the best known Post-Vatican Renewal Movements, the Catholic Charismatic Movement found a very fertile soil in Sri Lanka, and the Chilaw diocese too, from 1970’s has benefited from this Movement. As most of our parishes joined this,  there are Charismatic Prayer Groups in most of the parishes. Through a  programme of arduous training, these groups have become principal agents in the Church for the frequent Reading of the Sacred Scriptures and praying with the Sacred Scripture. They are a catalyst in the Church and a force to counteract the threats from Fundamentalist Sects.

Their main functions:

  • They come together once a week, in the Church or in any other suitable place for Prayer  and Bible Sharing
  •  Those who have received special gifts of the Holy Spirit, like healing, prophecy, use them for the god of the community.
  •  Some do fast on special days or for special needs of the Movement
  •  Some contribute tithes for the welfare of others and the Movement
  • They work in special Groups too, like  the Fathers’ Group. Mothers’ Group and Young Mens’ Group etc. for better sharing of life and to support those who need help
  • Some live under temporary vows (Subendi Howla)
  • Some take up special evangelization projects, preaching the Good News to non non Christians
  •  They have frequent get-togethers at the Deanery level or National levels. They have a Centre close to Deduru Oya, in the Chilaw parish; and the National Head Quarters at    Prasansaramaya, Diyagala.
  •  It has created opportunities for the training of the laity for leadership in preaching and Conducting Prayer Groups

Originally one Pubuduwa has not broken into a few groups and they all continjue under their own leaders, but doing the same work. The general complaint of the Movement is that not many priests encourage and support their efforts to renew the Church.

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