Youth Apostolate

It is an undeniable fact that the future of both society and the Church depends on the youth of today and great attention has to be given to direct them in the proper path. Vatican Council II recognizing this too well, issued a Decree on the Youth Apostolate. From quite some time the Holy Father himself attends the International Youth Congress held once in 3 years. Thus manifesting the interest of the Church.

In keeping with this, the Chilaw diocese has steered the Youth Apostolate under a full timer Priest director and a team of youth. There main activities are

  • To visit parishes and to organize Youth Groups and help pastors to guide them
  • To conduct training programmes for these youth, at parish level, deanery level           and Diocesan leve
  • To conduct spiritual programmes – Recollections, Retreats etc.
  •  Train them to take up responsibility by entrusting various activities in the paris
  • To organize various cultural activities like drama, Carol and Singing Competitions thus giving them opportunity to develop their talents
  • Sports activities – inter parish matches etc.
  • Training them for journalism, clean politics and  honest leadership
  • Engaging them for community building, peace making and inter-religious dialogue
  • Engaging them for various parish activities as Catechists, Lectors, Animators of  PMS,Lakrivi and other children’s Organizations

These activities provide ample opportunities for the youth to take up leadership in the future and thus the church look forward with hope for the welfare of society and the Church.

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